My mission is helping women of all ages thrive. Just ‘surviving’ life isn’t enough!

I’m passionate about empowering women to value themselves, to trust themselves and to give as much consideration to their own needs as they do to everyone else’s. I believe that working on yourself is one of the best things you can do to help others!

And coaching is the perfect place to start working on yourself. I’ve been a qualified coach for seven years and I’ve supported many women to build their self-belief, improve their wellbeing and make choices that better serve their needs - ultimately benefitting those around them too.

I’ve worked with women who were worn out juggling the pressures of modern day living. Their self-confidence was low and they were bogged down by fear and doubt that change was even possible. I’ve helped them uncover patterns of thinking and behaving that were making them feel stuck and learn new ways of being that have helped them see a different way forward.

Coaching helped me make positive changes in my own life and I believe it can benefit everyone. If you’d like to know more about my story then click the link to receive my biography. If you want to explore how coaching might help YOU please complete the contact form below to set up a free consultation call.

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What is coaching anyway?

I’m often asked that and the truth is there’s no short answer. It’s a simple process in that it involves talking and listening – which we can all do. But there’s an art to the listening and to the questioning – the art of holding space for another person to help them access their own inner voice.

And the art is supported by science – the science of how the brain works (neuroscience) and the psychology of human behaviour. The science of learning rather than teaching.

Coaching is a learning journey. It raises awareness and insights which create choice. Choice leads to empowerment and builds self-belief which in turn develops self-confidence. Coaches are not instructors or teachers. We’re partners who help you unlock your own potential using your own judgement and your own unique strengths.

Coaching with me is very much a holistic process. It’s a trust-based relationship, full of compassion, warmth and humour. My virtual practice means I can work with clients in their own homes and my pricing reflects my desire to make the magic of coaching affordable to all. I offer reduced rates for referrals from friends and dedicate 25% of my client time to pro bono work.

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“Pam’s empathy and skill as a coach was hugely helpful in allowing me to explore positive ways of moving forward – which I have since done!”

Hanna P.

“Pam is a very warm person and easy to talk to. When I became upset she took the time to explore those feelings and helped me see things in a more positive way.”

Vicky B.

“Pam made me feel relaxed. I felt an immediate sense of trust and felt safe to be vulnerable and share where my life was at.”

Hugh M.

"Pam is an intuitive coach. Her listening skills, patience and empathy are key strengths."

Kirsty M.

"Pam coached me through a challenging time in my life. She provided a supportive, caring environment and I soon became more focused and clear about what I wanted. "

Jo B.

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